Alliance Statement on US DOT Automated Vehicles Announcement

Automakers appreciate the U.S. Department of Transportation’s efforts to remove obstacles to automated vehicle (AV) technologies. With Federal statistics confirming that 94 percent of all crashes involve driver error, getting more of these new technologies on our roads will help keep drivers safer, while also helping to avoid traffic congestion, reduce fuel use and save time and money.The Alliance especially supports initiatives that:

  • Preserve automaker innovation;
  • Streamline legislative and regulatory activity to support the global manufacturing process;
  • Provide automakers clear liability protection regarding aftermarket conversion.

Automakers invest over $100 billion globally each year on R&D to produce reliable and safe mobility solutions, and 99 percent of this investment in America is from private – nongovernmental – sources.

Automakers continue to work on proactive voluntary collaborations to progress industry-wide automation, safety, and security standards.  And manufacturers encourage the examination of and investment in public infrastructure improvements in standardized signage, lane marking, and lighting needed to make large scale AVs fully operational.