For NHTSA’s Vehicle Cybersecurity Roundtable, The Alliance And Global Automakers Released This Statement:


“The automobile industry is driving an unprecedented wave of innovation as automakers pioneer groundbreaking technologies that make cars and trucks ever safer. Computing systems help enable many of these automotive technologies, making cybersecurity a top priority – just like it is in any other industry sector using computer systems. Automakers are proactively and collaboratively addressing potential cybersecurity challenges so the industry can continue producing ever safer vehicles that incorporate modern and robust security protections. Building on industry-led initiatives such as the launch of the Automotive Information and Sharing Analysis Center (Auto-ISAC), the auto industry has developed a Framework for Automotive Cybersecurity Best Practices (PDF) and is now working on best practices. Through continued collaboration with industry stakeholders, security researchers, academia and government agencies, as well as initiatives like the Auto-ISAC, automakers are incorporating security – and privacy — protections into automobiles.”