Alliance Statement On NHTSA Recall Awareness Ad Campaign


Automakers want recalled vehicles to be repaired quickly, so manufacturers have undertaken many outreach efforts to encourage consumers to bring their vehicles to dealerships.  We support education efforts beyond what automakers are already doing to increase the consumer participation rate, and we urge consumers to regularly check NHTSA’s website ( to find out if their vehicle has open recalls.  Visibility from NHTSA ads provides an extra reminder about free recall repairs to help ensure that open recalls are addressed as soon as possible by vehicle owners.

  • About 25 percent of the owners of recalled vehicles never complete the free repair. The consumer participation rate is lowest among owners of older vehicles and used vehicles.
  • Last year automakers and dealers conducted extensive public opinion polling and focus groups, and we shared the results with NHTSA.  We learned that 93 percent of consumers learn about a safety recall from the manufacturer or dealer.
  • The research showed many consumers are doing their own risk assessments when they receive a recall notice and deciding if the recall seems important enough for a response.  In addition, some consumers were not aware the repairs are free.
  • In focus groups, the NHTSA website with its VIN look-up tool drew favorable comments from both consumers and new vehicle dealers.  The NHTSA website also allows consumers to sign up for email alerts should there be a future recall for their particular vehicle make/model.

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