Statement in Response to DOT Announcement

“Elaine Chao is a superb choice to lead the Department of Transportation.  The combination of her prior Cabinet experience, her specific knowledge of DOT and her extensive policy background makes her a uniquely qualified nominee who can literally hit the ground running.

“We see the next couple of years as a particularly crucial time for mobility and are heartened that the Department will be so ably directed.  Big issues await.  The traditional regulatory approach is increasingly challenged to keep pace with the rapid rate of innovation in our sector.  This is especially true as we move into the era of highly autonomous vehicles.  We all have a common interest – and that is maximizing the rate of innovation in the technologies that save lives, avoid crashes and improve fuel economy.  A key question the new Secretary will address is how best to make sure these innovations can get to market quickly, safely and affordably.
“We look forward to working with the new Secretary and her team at the Department of Transportation during this consequential time for mobility.”