Alliance Statement on Proposed HOT CARS Act of 2017


Losing children in hot cars is a tragedy, and greater public awareness and vigilance are absolutely crucial to save young lives right now, this week. That’s why automakers, as well as diverse safety groups, are conducting education and outreach campaigns.

We all need to work together to avoid heatstroke deaths, so we will review the House and Senate’s proposed legislation and provide guidance. In particular, we are concerned about proposals where it takes many years before results are seen, because eighteen lives have already been lost this year in hot cars. And, the proposed mandate for notification technology in cars misses the targeted population, because so few parents of young children buy new cars. Each year, less than 13% of new car buyers have a child six years old or younger. And with people keeping cars longer, it takes about two decades for a technology to reach all the passenger vehicles on our roads. Greater public awareness saves lives today.

Visit for more information on the dangers of heatstroke, and click here to learn more about the 2017 National Heatstroke Awareness Campaign