Automakers thank Secretary Chao for Leadership and Opportunity to Participate in Multi-Modal Roundtable Discussion Regarding Automated Vehicles


The Auto Alliance, which represents 12 leading automakers, appreciates the continued leadership and engagement from Secretary Chao and the Department of Transportation (DOT) with regard to auto safety and efforts to improve the rules and regulations concerning automated vehicles.

The Secretary and DOT recognize how advanced vehicle safety technologies have the potential to save lives and improve the overall safety of our nation’s roadways. This technology also promises profound societal benefits such as greater personal freedom and independence for the elderly, people with disabilities and others seeking improved access to mobility.

In order to prevent a patchwork of laws and regulations, automakers also applaud the DOT’s stance regarding the appropriate roles for federal and state government, which will help bring this life-saving technology to the public more quickly. DOT’s leadership, along with pending legislation in Congress are necessary to ensure U.S. leadership and investment when it comes to the development and deployment of such self-driving vehicle technologies.