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Alliance comments on California’s Deemed to Comply provision on Proposed Amendments to the Low-Emission Vehicle III Greenhouse Gas Emission Regulation

The Alliance continues to actively support a single national program (EPA, NHTSA, and CARB) covering all fifty states that drives ongoing improvements in fuel economy and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The current One National Program (ONP) enables automakers to make predictable investments in a nationwide fleet of light-duty vehicles that advance, on a national scale, […]


Alliance Comments on Senate Finance Committee Hearing on Impact of Tariffs on the U.S. Automotive Industry

Chairman Hatch and Ranking Member Wyden, On behalf of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, I would like to thank you for holding a hearing on the potentially staggering implications of the Administration’s on-going 232 investigation concerning automobiles and auto parts. The Alliance is a trade association representing 12 automakers based both domestically and internationally. Combined, […]


Alliance remarks for NHTSA/EPA hearings on fuel economy standards:

Fresno, CA: Steve Douglas, Senior Director, Energy & Environment, Auto Alliance Dearborn, MI: Chris Nevers, Vice President, Energy & Environment, Auto Alliance Thank you for the opportunity to speak on our priorities today. We are still working on detailed comments to respond to the Administration’s notice of proposed rulemaking. So today, I will focus on […]


Alliance Statement Re: US-EU Trade Meeting

“Automakers are pleased to see Ambassador Lighthizer and his USTR team in Brussels this week discussing a transatlantic trade deal’s scope with the European Commission. This signals increased momentum since July’s announcement of the pursuit of a U.S.-EU bilateral trade agreement. “Automakers – and many others – agree that consumers and the economy win when […]


U.S. Senate Can Make History and Save Lives by Passing the AV START Act

(Updated 9.18.18) Counterpart bipartisan bill promoting lifesaving technologies passed U.S. House one year ago Washington, D.C.—Various automakers, suppliers, tech companies, and advocates for safer roads are urging the U.S. Senate to take action on an historic opportunity to advance greater road safety, innovation, expand mobility, and boost American competitiveness by passing the AV START Act […]