Alliance Statement on NHTSA Recall Workshop; Recall Completion Improvement Efforts


Getting recalled vehicles repaired quickly is an industry priority.  That’s why we support working with others to encourage anyone who receives a recall notice to bring in their vehicle for the free recall service as soon as possible.

While 93 percent of those who’d heard about a safety recall on their vehicle learned about it from the automaker and new vehicle dealer communications, we still believe working together can lead to even better results.  For example, the District of Columbia saw a nearly 13 percent increase in recall completion rates when they started providing notice to vehicle owners at inspection stations.

Automakers continue working hard to find new and innovative ways to compel drivers to take action on these free recalls.  Just last month the Alliance wrote to the nation’s governors to encourage states to use the industry’s Batch VIN search tool to notify customers of open vehicle safety recalls during vehicle registration or inspections.  The service allows authorized users to search for up to 10,000 VINS at once and check for open recalls -in just a matter of seconds, at no cost.

Even with increased consumer notification, however, challenges remain:  research has shown many consumers are doing their own risk assessments after receiving a notice and deciding if the recall seems important enough for a response.  It can be a challenge to compel owners to have these free recall services performed.