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Congressional Inaction on Federal AV Legislation Could Slow the Development of Life-saving Technologies and Greater Mobility Freedom

Despite strong support for autonomous vehicle legislation from Members of Congress and a diverse cross-section of stakeholders, efforts by a few special interests stalled bipartisan legislation in the 115th Congress. Inaction by Congress is a setback for the development and ultimate deployment of potentially life-saving technologies, and leaves many unanswered questions on how this technology […]


Check the record: Automakers do support better fuel economy

In today’s highly charged political environment, sensationalism and ideological agendas routinely warp reality when it comes to auto policy. Fuel economy is a case in point, and it is sadly all too common to see commentary distorting the views of automakers. First and foremost, automakers support continued improvements in fuel economy. We support a negotiated […]


Alliance Statement on Autonomous Vehicle Legislation Developments

Automakers strongly support the passage of federal autonomous vehicle (AV) legislation that will help accelerate the deployment of life-saving technologies on our nation’s roadways. We are pleased to see recent momentum and bipartisan support in both chambers and look forward to working with Congress to help ensure passage. In reviewing the Senate draft, we see […]


Auto Alliance Statement on China, US Tariffs

Tariffs are a direct hit to the wallets of consumers, so taking more time to achieve a U.S.-China agreement is good news and shows movement in the right direction. We appreciate the Administration’s efforts to de-escalate trade tensions with China, and we look forward to reviewing the details. Ultimately, consumers, auto workers and the auto […]