Automakers’ Statement on Colorado Adopting California Vehicle Mandate


Over the last several weeks, leaders in the auto industry and Colorado state officials have engaged in discussions about the possibility of creating a zero emission program that would be unique to Colorado. These talks have concluded and Colorado state officials are moving forward with implementing the California Zero Emission Vehicle Mandate.

In response to these developments, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and the Association of Global Automakers released the following statement:

We applaud the Polis administration for initiating this conversation and for attempting to implement an innovative zero emission vehicle program that will work for the people of Colorado. It has been extremely encouraging to see these state officials show such an openness to hearing from and working with all stakeholders, recognizing there is a shared responsibility to increasing zero emission vehicle availability and sales.

Unfortunately, while these discussions were encouraging, there were many complex details that we were unable to resolve. However, our discussions during this process have the potential to inform future policy in this area.

We remain committed to zero emission vehicles and to working with the Polis administration to accelerate the electric vehicle market in Colorado. The state has already shown a great deal of leadership by committing to develop the necessary infrastructure and tax incentives that will help increase consumer interest in zero emission vehicles. We will continue to work constructively with the administration as it moves forward with the rulemaking process and outside of the rulemaking process to support customers who purchase or want to purchase electric vehicles.