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Alliance Statement on NHTSA’s New Automated Driving System Guidelines

“Automakers have been developing self-driving technologies for years, recognizing the tremendous potential for enhanced safety for us all and the greater self-sufficiency for certain populations. This federal guidance is helpful in advancing road safety and safe testing, while also providing more clarity on the role of states. The guidance provides the right balance, allowing emerging […]


Alliance Statement on SELF DRIVE Act Vote in U.S. House of Representatives

“Self-driving vehicle technology holds great promise to improve safety and transform mobility in the United States. Automakers have been developing these technologies for years and this legislation helps address a variety of barriers that otherwise block the ability to safely test and deploy these vehicle technologies. There is strong bi-partisan support for the committee’s self-driving […]


July 31st is National Heatstroke Prevention Day

Automakers, Community Leaders and Moms Team Up to Raise Awareness about the Dangers of Heatstroke WASHINGTON, DC — “Regardless of the temperature outside, it is never safe to leave a child alone in a car.” That is the message automakers, community leaders and moms are taking to the public in a national campaign to raise […]


Alliance Statement on House Autonomous Vehicle Legislation

The Alliance released this statement to respond to autonomous vehicle legislation introduced in the House this week: “For many years, automakers have been developing self-driving vehicle technologies that promise to transform mobility — offering greater safety, fuel savings and independence. So automakers want to move as quickly as possible to safely test and deploy these […]