Privacy Principles for Vehicle Technologies and Services


The automotive industry is developing innovative technologies and services that promise to deliver substantial benefits and enhance the driving experience. These technologies and services may assist in enhancing safety, reducing the environmental impacts of vehicles, diagnosing vehicle malfunctions, calling for emergency assistance, detecting and preventing vehicle theft, reducing traffic congestion, improving vehicle efficiency and performance, delivering navigation services, providing valuable information services, and more. The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, the Association of Global Automakers, and their members are excited about the benefits offered by today’s vehicle technologies and services and look forward to expanding the array of innovative technologies and services offered to consumers.

Many of these technologies and services are based upon information obtained from a variety of vehicle systems and involve the collection of information about a vehicle’s location or a driver’s use of a vehicle. Consumer trust is essential to the success of vehicle technologies and services. The Alliance, Global Automakers, and their members understand that consumers want to know how these vehicle technologies and services can deliver benefits to them while respecting their privacy.

Privacy is important to consumers, and it is important to us. That is why the Alliance and Global Automakers have issued these Privacy Principles (“Principles”). The Principles provide an approach to customer privacy that members can choose to adopt when offering innovative vehicle technologies and services. Each member has made an independent decision about whether to adopt the Principles, and other companies may choose to adopt them as well. We provide a list of those companies that have adopted the Principles in the Appendix, and they are referred to as “Participating Members.”

The Principles apply to the collection, use, and sharing of Covered Information in association with Vehicle Technologies and Services available on cars and light trucks sold or leased to individual consumers for personal use in the United States.

The Principles are subject to change over time. When they do change, the Alliance and Global Automakers will post the updated Principles at and The Principles are not intended to replace inconsistent or conflicting applicable laws and regulations, where they exist. So, the Principles should be interpreted as subject to and superseded by applicable laws and regulations. Participating Members may implement the Principles in different ways, reflecting differences in technologies and other factors. And Participating Members may choose to incorporate into their privacy programs elements that are not addressed in the Principles and are free to take additional privacy steps. But regardless of how Participating Members design their privacy programs and implement the Principles, Participating Members affirm the following fundamentals, as detailed in the relevant sections that follow:

Participating Members commit to providing Owners and Registered Users with ready access to clear, meaningful notices about the Participating Member’s collection, use, and sharing of Covered Information.

Participating Members commit to offering Owners and Registered Users with certain choices regarding the collection, use, and sharing of Covered Information.

Respect for Context:
Participating Members commit to using and sharing Covered Information in ways that are consistent with the context in which the Covered Information was collected, taking account of the likely impact on Owners and Registered Users.

Data Minimization, De-Identification & Retention:
Participating Members commit to collecting Covered Information only as needed for legitimate business purposes. Participating Members commit to retaining Covered Information no longer than they determine necessary for legitimate business purposes.

Data Security:
Participating Members commit to implementing reasonable measures to protect Covered Information against loss and unauthorized access or use.

Integrity & Access:
Participating Members commit to implementing reasonable measures to maintain the accuracy of Covered Information and commit to giving Owners and Registered Users reasonable means to review and correct Personal Subscription Information.

Participating Members commit to taking reasonable steps to ensure that they and other entities that receive Covered Information adhere to the Principles.

Download the Full Consumer Privacy Protection Principles