Facts About Auto Sales

The average age of passenger vehicles on U.S. roads is 11.6 years, according to IHS Markit, and the average price of a new vehicle is $35,309 according to Kelley Blue Book.

2017 Sales QUICK FACTS

After an unprecedented seven-year growth trend, 2017 saw the fourth-best sales year in U.S. history: 17.1 million units sold.

Market Trends

2017 is the first year-over-year decline since 2009, ending a historic seven year expansion – though sales remained near historical highs.

Light Truck Popularity

Light trucks (SUVs, vans, pickups) continue to be popular. Trucks outsold cars for the fifth straight year – jumping nearly 4% to a 64.5% market share, which was led by a record demand for crossover utility vehicles (CUVs) with an all-time high annual penetration of 34.9% in 2017.

Pickups & Small Cars

After CUVs, pickup trucks were the second best-selling segment, followed closely by small cars. And while pickup trucks gained steam in market share in 2017, small cars lost more than a percent from 2016, as the overall car segment contracted.

Looking Ahead

Experts believe the U.S. auto industry remains well positioned since demand for new vehicles is expected to remain strong.

Sales Comparison

Light Trucks

Light trucks help fuel 2017 sales

In 2017 light truck market share increased nearly 4% to 64.5% – the highest in history. This is a change from the past decade, when half of new vehicle sales have been split between cars and light trucks—minivans, SUVs and pickups. Often consumers choose light trucks for their passenger and cargo room, four-wheel-drive features, towing capacity and more.

Historic Sales

Automakers sold over 17 million light vehicles in the U.S. market last year, the fourth highest mark in sales history.