Americans benefit from global trade.

That’s why we need to reject auto tariffs and higher prices for consumers.

Unfortunately, the U.S. Department of Commerce is considering placing tariffs on imported autos and auto parts.

While the officials considering this move have America’s best interest at heart, we are afraid that these proposed tariffs could result in a de facto tax for American consumers who will be forced to pay more when they purchase new vehicles or visit their mechanics.

Remember, free and fair trade helped the economy rebound after the Great Recession, pushing automotive production to near record levels. Because of this success, we have added $953 billion to the economy each year and helped keep 7.2 million Americans employed. But after years of unprecedented straight growth, sales have been leveling off and potentially making the economy more fragile. We do not want to turn the clock back on our progress, and that’s why our industry needs free and open trade – now more than ever.

The Five Ways the Auto Industry
drives the economy

Meeting America’s Needs

The auto industry is an integral part of American life in a number of ways.

  • Funding important research through strategic partnerships with 12 national laboratories.
  • Shaping the future American workforce through financial contributions to academic institutions.
  • Investing to create vibrant communities through local foundations.
  • Providing critical supplies to the U.S. Military and federal, state and local governments.

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Creating Good Jobs

7.2 million jobs

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Supporting America’s Biggest Businesses

Some of the biggest names in our economy sell their goods and services to auto manufacturers. In fact, half of the companies listed in the Dow Jones Industrial Average depend on autos for revenue. Many major corporations based across the nation are suppliers to the auto industry.

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Generating $205 Billion in Taxes Annually.

U.S., state, and local governments are major beneficiaries of a thriving auto industry.

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Investing in Local Economies

Automakers have created jobs and funded local communities across the country.

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