Consumer Choice

Consumers enjoy much choice when buying fuel-efficient autos.

A top priority for our country is putting more energy-efficient automobiles on our roads to help drive us closer to energy independence. Automakers are rapidly deploying a range of technologies in new vehicles, giving consumers more choice in high mileage vehicles.

This year, more than 480 models are on sale that achieve high mileage (30+ MPG, highway) – up 530% from 2007, when there were 76 models. And, the number of models reaching 40+ MPG (highway) is increasing as well, with 74 models on sale in 2017.

Consumers have more choice in powertrains

While the traditional gas-powered engine still represents the majority of new vehicle sales, a wide range of advanced technologies is now on sale:

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    clean diesels
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    battery electric
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    plug-in hybrids