Auto Alliance North American Fuel Survey

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers Winter (January) and Summer (July) North American Fuel Surveys© are available for purchase.

Prior Year Surveys are also available for purchase.

The Alliance North American Fuel Survey© (NAFS) has been conducted twice per calendar year (sampling conducted in January and July of the calendar year) for over 20 years, to evaluate fuel quality of commercially available regular and premium motor vehicle gasoline, and diesel fuel.

The reports are sold subject to the terms and conditions of the Alliance Limited Licensing Agreement and Guidance for Use document. Upon receipt of a purchase order or emailed request, the Alliance will send the purchaser an Invoice (can be sent by email) and the Licensing Agreement for signature. The Reports and Guidance for Use Document will be provided electronically upon our receipt of the signed Licensing Agreement and payment. (The signed Licensing Agreement can be scanned and sent to us electronically).

Reports become available in late spring for Winter and mid-Autumn for Summer surveys (to allow for testing and quality assurance).

The Most Recent Retail Fuel Sample Remainders May be Available for Purchase

Those interested in purchasing some or all left over fuel samples available after the most recent survey (regular and premium gasoline and diesel) ­­ which generally become temporarily available in the early spring for the Winter survey, and early fall for the Summer survey ­­ should contact Sandra Kaluza at Saybolt/Core Labs ( Samples are offered on a first come first served basis, once Alliance members have had first access to them.

Worldwide Fuel Charter

Representing vehicle and engine manufacturers from around the world, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and the Worldwide Fuel Charter (WWFC) Committee are pleased to present the sixth edition of the Worldwide Fuel Charter for Gasoline and Diesel Fuel as well as the first edition of the new Charter on Methane-based Transportation Fuels.

The WWFC was first established in 1998 to increase understanding of the fuel quality needs of motor vehicle and engine technologies, and to promote worldwide fuel quality harmonization in accordance with those needs. Vehicles and engines work with fuels as a system, so matching fuel quality to vehicle and engine technology will provide the best vehicle and engine performance and minimize emissions and fuel consumption for the various categories of technologies. Matching fuel quality to vehicle/engine capabilities also provides a path to fuel quality harmonization worldwide and to improved functioning of transportation markets.

The sixth edition of the WWFC that is published today updates the previous edition in several ways and now presents gasoline and diesel in their own chapters for easier reading.

The use of methane-based fuels for transportation has grown rapidly in recent years, and the quality of these fuels varies widely around the world. As a result, the WWFC Committee saw a need to provide information about these fuels and how to match their quality with the needs and capabilities of modern vehicle and engine technologies.

This Methane-based Transportation Fuels Charter represents the WWFC Committee’s best collective judgment based on experience with these fuels. Technical information and field data will continue to evolve, however, so we will strive to update this document periodically as we learn more.

The Committee appreciates the many comments submitted on the consultation versions of these two new Charters. We look forward to working with all stakeholders to support harmonized fuel quality specifications for the continued benefit of consumers and the environment around the world.

For questions, please contact:
Dan Bowerson
Director of Vehicle Electrification & Fuels
2000 Town Center, Suite 625
Southfield, MI 48075