State Electric Vehicle Mandate

ZEV Mandate States

Special provisions in the Clean Air Act allow states to either follow the federal requirements or adopt California’s vehicle emission regulations.  Currently, ten states are following California and implementing the ZEV regulations, including the requirements that about 7 to 10% of new vehicles must be ZEVs in 2025. These states include Colorado, Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island and Vermont

ZEV Sales

Sales charts show that ZEV sales need to increase dramatically to meet ambitious sales targets supported by the 11 states adopting the mandate.

In 2018, ZEVs represented 1.9% of total sales nationwide, or about 334,000 vehicles out of 17.2 million new vehicles sold. By 2025, sales of ZEVs are required to be about 7 to 10% of total sales.

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Fleets: States that Support the ZEV Mandate Should Buy More

Government at all levels buys vehicles for official purposes, and these government fleets represent a potential source of ZEV sales.

From 2013 to 2017, government entities in California registered almost 90,000 new vehicles. Only 3.24 percent (2,885) were plug-in hybrids, fully electric vehicles or fuel cells that qualify as ZEVs. In 2017, the vast majority of new vehicles (96 percent) purchased by government entities in California remained traditional gas-powered vehicles.

2017 Sales To Government Fleets in ZEV States

Source: Compiled by data provided by IHSMarkit